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Business planning

We help new entrepreneurs develop marketable and sustainable businesses through the development of comprehensive business plans and other business plan consulting and planning documents and tools. We also assist existing businesses in re-evaluating business practices and obtaining funding for new projects through the development of business capital offerings and other presentations.

Business Planning

We at Universe Global help our clients achieve optimal business performance and results in the current tough economic scenario. We are there to help you at whatever stage you are. When you are getting ready to launch a new business enterprise we act as a sounding board for your ideas, preparation of business plans, preparation of detailed techno-economic feasibility study, laying out marketing strategies, and in achieving optimal outcomes by allocating resources in the most appropriate manner. We provide strong strategic and operational expertise to back up your plans.

Our business plans are like pole stars, always there to guide you in the right direction. Things do not always go as planned or predicted, but that is not the end of the world. Business scenario is constantly changing and new remedies are required in the form of Branding and Marketing Plans, Performance Measurement and restructuring, Operational upgrade with the newest of IT tools to control the costs and get better returns.

If you are well set in your business and ready for the next step, we are there to assess your capability to get going for tendered projects. You might be almost there but sometimes there are many Ifs and we help you get rid of them. Our mission is to take you to the next stage in your business.


Reasons to Create a Business Plan:

Preparing a comprehensive and well organized business plan dramatically increases your chances of succeeding as a business. A good business plan can help:

  • Determine whether your business has the potential to be profitable
  • Anticipate the estimated cost of start-up, and how much you'll need to invest or finance
  • To be a marketing piece for investors and lenders to fund your business
  • Define a revenue estimate (by determining your market -- who is your customer -- and what percentage of the market can you expect to reach)
  • Devising an effective marketing strategy to make money from the start  
  • Compete in the marketplace (through a realistic SWOT analysis which defines your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and
  • Strategically plan for potential problems so you can devise solutions before they become disasters. 


Our skilled team of business plan writers and business plan consultants assist our clients to make the best Plans for their business. Let our team of business plan writers prepare your business plan.

Plan and implement a successful mobile business strategy

with help from our consulting services


Even with careful planning and cautious adoption of mobile technology, mobile trends will increase demands on IT. How you handle these demands will have a significant impact on your competitiveness, costs, efficiency, productivity, and business results. Get expert help no matter your organization's adoption level – with mobile consulting services from SAP.

  • Determine how mobile technology will impact your organization
  • Identify relevant scenarios for deploying mobile software solutions
  • Design a clear mobile strategy and prepare for implementation and development
  • Educate and train your staff – to accelerate user adoption and maximize productivity


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