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I.T Transformation

IT organizations face a number of significant challenges, including rising stakeholder expectations, flat or declining budgets, increased globalization and the continual emergence of new technologies.

To achieve high performance, IT organizations must identify which IT capabilities are most critical to the success of the overall enterprise, and shape an IT organization and capability that supports the business cost-effectively.

Accenture has extensive experience with IT transformation programs; we have helped many leading organizations improve the performance of their IT function via large-scale changes to culture, processes and technology.

Our IT transformation approach typically is self-funding. By targeting a number of quick wins early in the implementation stage, a company generally covers the cost of the entire transformation in the first year of the initiative.



I.T transformation


Digital business puts IT right at heart of the customer experience, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity for IT organisations. The challenge? To move beyond developing and supplying services for internal customers to developing solutions that meet the needs and expectations of external customers too. The opportunity? To win an increasingly influential role within the business by supporting the delivery of an exceptional customer experience, fundamental to securing competitive advantage.

We can help your IT organisation meet the challenge and seize the opportunity. We bring fresh, bold thinking to today’s digital reality and our ideas are grounded in our extensive track record of delivering business, IT and cultural change across many industries. We are experts in developing effective processes and systems, but we also have the skills and experience required to bring about transformative and lasting change in the culture and focus of your IT organisation.

Additional benefits of our IT transformation approach may include:

      • Closer alignment of business and IT.

      • A reduction in IT costs of 30 percent.

      • Redirection of IT expenditures from non-strategic projects to strategic ones.

      • Improved ROI on IT investments.

      • Increased IT efficiency and effectiveness Higher-quality IT services

      • Smoother post-merger integration.

      • Faster time-to-market.



  • IT service experience
     – IT is moving from being a back-office overhead to a front-office value creator. We can help you understand where IT delivers value to external customers, show you how to take ownership for delivering these services, and support you in building a culture of responsiveness.

High-prforming IT organisations – we take account of cultural and behavioral elements, organisational structure and governance, and technical processes, to design IT functions that are efficient and customer-focused. We understand how to implement the required changes, and focus on culture and behaviour to deliver sustainable transformation and tangible benefits.

Service integration – IT organisations depend on a complex mix of internal capability and third-party suppliers to provide IT services. This can lead to disjointed services, poor performance and failing supplier relationships. We work with you to establish a common set of integration principles, design the integration operating model, and implement a supplier ecosystem that will address supplier behaviours, commercial arrangements and common processes.

IT cost reduction – IT organisations are constantly under pressure to reduce costs, but often have no clear picture of the actual costs and outcomes associated with individual projects and services. We can bring transparency to your IT costs, quality, risk and volume, in order to improve IT output and cut costs.



Information technology plays a critical role in the success of significant business transformations—not only as a key enabler but also as a source of advantage. IT transformation is about "moving the performance dial" and achieving a "step change" in capabilities for the organization. To create advantage, business leaders need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • How can we leverage IT to enable a step change in what the business is able to accomplish for its customers?

  • How can we emerge from a merger more nimble and agile than before?

  • How do we ensure that transformational programs are managed to achieve business value and not just technical delivery?

  • What can we do to rescue projects that have large organizational commitments but repeatedly fail to hold to schedule and budget?


We work with our clients to ensure that IT enables and supports the transformation of their organizations and operations by focusing on four major topics:

  • Postmerger Integration—and Carve-Outs. In the case of a merger, the selection and simplification of future IT landscapes and IT organizations must be strongly driven by the logic of the merger and are key contributors to its overall speed and success. We help keep the business running while realizing synergies, retaining key IT talent, and supporting the new merged operation model and growth potential. In the case of a carve-out (that is, the divestiture of a business), there is a range of strategic and technological decisions regarding IT that need to be made—for instance, regarding system selection—not only to keep the business running but also because these decisions have implications far beyond the realm of IT itself. We optimize these choices so that the company can maximize the realized value of the transaction.

  • IT in Operational Transformation. The introduction of new technologies, major new IT systems, or IT-enabled innovations can be a catalyst in the transformation of an organization's processes and organizational setup, as well as the way employees work and engage with customers. We help align IT priorities to the transformation target and develop consistent, achievable road maps and migration approaches.

  • Program Management Office. Through our independence and our critical analytic approach, we help ensure that IT priorities are aligned with business priorities while providing a comprehensive toolbox of the processes, structures, and skills that are required in leading large projects to a successful outcome. This toolbox is tied into the relevant processes of the IT Capability Maturity Framework, a leading-edge IT-value-management framework .

  • Project Recovery. Many large IT projects fail to deliver on time, on budget, or to user expectation. Failure can be prevented if early warnings (such as milestone slippage) are identified and addressed promptly. Universe Global provides field-tested staff to realign project outcomes with business needs and resequence activities to deliver outcomes on time and on budget.

We have IT transformation experts located in all regions to bring global insight and experience to every project.