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Solutions at U.G

effective solutions at Universe Global

Decision makers, especially CIOs and CFOs, face tough choices in being able to provide maximum business value within a limited IT budget. Choosing the right IT & Management solutions partner is the most critical decision. Organizations need their IT & Management solutions provider to be reasonable, cost-effective and can innovatively come up with newer strategies to save costs.

Effective Solutions at Universe Global

By leveraging our existing infrastructure and through years of experience, Universe Global provides the unique capability to serve as the one-stop solutions shop for its customers. Our ability in being a complete solutions provider removes the hassle of managing multiple vendors and the logistical and technological bottlenecks that come with them.

Additionally, it gives our customers the confidence and trust in our ability to scale resources and technologies as the project grows. It gives our customers the peace of mind that they have chosen a reliable and long-term partner capable of solving their IT needs as their businesses grow. Accordingly, our internal processes and resources are aligned with and are fully scalable to provide high quality solutions based on customer needs.

Our solutions spread

Across the project/product lifecycle

Universe Global provides a one-stop solution for services throughout the project/product lifecycle. Starting from project/product feasibility study, prototyping, through analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and support our capabilities apply through the lifecycle. Customers may choose to involve us for or from any intermediary phase.

Across the technological spectrum

With experience spanning the entire IT spectrum, we are capable of handling complex implementations with leading edge technologies to maintenance of legacy systems and applications. Our combined expertise allows customers to be confident in our ability to provide the best solution through the use of industry standard tools. The trust and confidence allows our customers to talk business problems and not worry about the particular tool or technology that should be used.

Across geographical locations

With physical presence across the globe, we are uniquely capable to augment and scale resources at the customer's onsite location in addition to the pool of resources available in the offshore development center. Our customers can feel confident about our ability to be able to handle the projects as they grow or if the customer's needs change and need immediate local attention. Being able to work across boundaries for years also comes with the added advantage of Universe Global being able to relocate offshore resources for training or temporary assignments at customer location.

Planning   Develop project plan and schedule based on goals and objectives for project type.

Management   Oversee and control resources, budget, schedule, milestones and deliverables.

Communication   Report status and progress, create communiques, manage information.

Improvement  Assess manual and automated processes for improvement alternatives in terms of user requirements, cost constraints, benefit analysis, resource availability and schedules.

Feasibility  Assess system purchase, development, or replacement options in terms of requirements, costs, benefits, resources, schedules... 

How We Work

We work side-by-side with our clients, combining insights and effort to deliver the most effective solutions and enable our clients' business strategies. Our teams cross traditional silos, bringing the right combination of capabilities and experience to enable enterprise-wide solutions.

Industry Sub-Segments

Archstone provides IT Effectiveness services to all industries, with specific expertise in Consumer Products, Manufacturing, and Financial Services.

Practice Area Service Offerings

  • IT Service Delivery Model
  • Information Management
  • Application Strategy & Deployment
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • IT Outsourcing, Sourcing, & Supplier Relationship Management
  • IT Benchmarking & Performance Improvement

We improve the effectiveness of our clients' information technology investments by developing IT strategies and service delivery models designed to improve quality of service, return on investment and risk management. Our IT cost optimization services help CIOs deliver more IT value for the same or less money. We help clients design and implement processes and controls to ensure that IT spending is measured and managed in a transparent manner, while meeting current and future business requirements at the lowest total cost of ownership.

• Slogans • Technical and copy writing
• Mission • Company profile
• Graphic and logo design • Company presentations
• Website design and development • Interactive CD presentations

• Web design • Links research
• Web development • Website evaluation
• Domain registration • E-commerce solutions
• Web Hosting

E-Marketing :
• e-mail

• Customized Applications • HR Applications
• ERP Solutions • Customized Web Solutions